Brianna XO – GF Pregnant By Your Grandpa

This is part 3 in the Nursing Home Cuckolding Series .. In part 2, Your GF revealled to you that as well as the many OAP’s she has been servicing and draining , your grandpa was among the lucky ones getting to fuck her without a condom on the regular.. and that she could be pregnant with his seed!
In this video , your GF comes home from her pregnancy shower , holding a bunch of cum filled condoms. She explains it was part of one of the games , "Guess the daddy". She shows off the condoms , first yours , watery and without any swimmers inside , and goes on to show the residents condoms , reminiscing about their big balls ,cocks and stamina as she shows each sperm filled condom. Finally she shows off the big one – your Grandpa’s , thick , creamy and in abundance. THIS definitely was the ejaculate that got her pregnant , you are basically infertile! You’d never knock her up! As she humiliates you , about how inferior you are to old men like your grandpa , she begins to get contractions! Oh no – Labour – Now you’ll get to watch her give birth to your uncle!!
There is also an alternative ending scene at the end…
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