Boba Bitch – Handcuffed and Naked in Office Stairwell

This was a reward to voters in the 2023 ManyVids Awards and includes a 2-minute thank you message at the beginning for those folks. NOTE: THIS VIDEO CUTS OUT AT THE END!! So my orgasm was not recorded! :((( But includes 90% of all the masturbating and has been priced accordingly. One of the downsides of filming completely solo (and being literally handcuffed) is that you don’t always know when your camera dies! This was one of my early public nudity adventures, and I’m surprised I was doing such crazy reckless things so early on! I go up to the 8th floor of an office building on a Friday evening, so I hoped the coast would be pretty clear. I get COMPLETELY (yes, barefoot!) undressed in the restroom, leave all my clothes behind, and then walk naked to the stairs, showing off my body the entire way. When I get to the stairs, I prop the door open with a doorstop, just in case, and handcuff myself to some piping in the stairwell. These are REAL handcuffs by the way! Not sex cuffs. The only key is with me on my lanyard. After being handcuffed for a little while, I work up the courage to start masturbating with the dildo a brought. I was SOOO nervous, and if someone caught me in this situation, I honestly have no idea what I’d say!! *** Tags: Exhibitionism, public nudity, ENF, embarrassed nude female, exposed, public masturbation, fingering, dildo, solo, barefoot, clothing abandonment, bondage, restraints, self-bondage, office, work, public orgasm, tongue, ahegao, young, long hair, vlog, risky, voyeur, exposed, nervous, scared, challenge, dare, boba bitch