Ava – Live in Beta Cuck Simp Foot Worship and Humiliation Brat Princess

In this clip I have my cuck worship my feet while i’m wearing sexy red lingerie waiting for my boyfriend to come home. I record videos on my phone and humiliate him while he’s worshipping my feet. Maybe you’ve even watched the mini clips or my live video when he was worshipping my feet during this clip. Being a complete brat because I want to. He pisses me off at times so I have to yell at him and get more aggressive with my tone and actions. Sticking my feet deep down his throat making the idiot gag lol. Demanding him to lick where I want him to lick on my foot, in between my toes, up and down the arch, or the heel. Then I make him lick my dirty heels till they are all clean. If you wonder what its like to be my live in cuck and worship my feet then you will love this clip! It really gives you a glimpse at my everyday life.