Ava and Sablique – High Heel Trample Hell Brat Princess 2

Our slave Mark. He is the fattest. He is the ugliest. He is the dumbest. And he has the smallest dick. So that’s why he takes a lot of beatings. A LOT! He really, truly is dumb. He is so dumb he shouldn’t be allowed to be in public. SO, us princesses being such outstanding community members we keep him locked up in our house so you all don’t have to see his stupid fat ass. Anyways, he is our beating slave. He takes the most beatings. We love to ballbust him and trample the fuck out of him. Its like we are doing him a favor by trying to stomp down his fat belly. In this clip watch the beautiful Ava and Sablique stomp on him in sharp black heels wearing the sexiest outfits ever! GET HIM GIRLSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Princess Crystal