Asher Eden – Genie Edging, Orgasm Denial, and Anal

Thanks for freeing me from my bottle, I’m Star and I’m a genie! To thank you, I will grant you three wishes. Your first wish is for me to edge myself. I’m uncertain of what it means, but you instruct me! Oooh it feels so good. I build and build closer to climax when you instruct me to stop. You inform me that I must never keep going when I feel that way. I beg for your second wish, desperately needing a distraction. You wish to fuck me in the ass. First I warm up by fingering, and then I take your cock into my tight asshole. In a mix of pleasure and pain, I moan hard until you fill me with your cum! Exhausted, I nervously ask what your final wish is… You wish for me to belong to you so that you can do that to me whenever you want. Your wish is my command!