Asher Eden – Fuckbunny Denied by the JackRabbit Vibe

Today I’m Daddy’s little fuckbunny! What’s in my Easter egg? It’s a special vibrator called The JackRabbit… and a note saying I need to use it until I’m begging to cum. First I have to get it ready to use, so I shove it down my throat! After I’m a gagging a drooling mess, I rub the pearls on my slutty panties against my aching cunt until I’m ready to fill myself up! The JackRabbit is special because it has two features: vibration to stimulate the clit and rotation to hit the g-spot. Daddy hasn’t let me fill my holes in sooo long, it doesn’t take much before I’m moaning and squirming… but there’s three levels of intensity. I know I should try out all of them. It feels so fucking good, especially with the bunny tail plug filling me up even more. I have to play with the plug for a little while, even going ass to mouth in hopes of pleasing Daddy. Soon I put in back in and begin pumping my needy pussy with the pretty pink toy. I know I could easily cum if I just kept going… but Daddy says that good girls don’t cum and I want to be a good girl. So instead I beg you to cum and tell me to deny my orgasm. I want you to cum to my desperation and laugh as I leave myself right on the edge. I want to be a perfect toy, forever horny with her body sensitive and her melted mind leaking out of her cunt to keep her obedient. Please deny me?