Annie – Blossom A Bitch’s Bitch BrutalMaster

Tough day for Blossom, really tough. And it was all because of another bitch named Slave Annie who is owned by Master Joe.

It all started like this, Master Joe allowed his slave to get in touch, she had a request, she wanted to see Blossom’s filthy, worthless cunt tortured. She had some ideas. It is always remarkable how often bitches can come up with novel and truly cruel ways to torture other bitches.

BrutalMaster loves ideas from members, some new and brutally cruel agony was born for Blossom.

Of course, Slave Annie’s ideas were essentially a warm-up, once Blossom was bound to an old cot frame, some incredibly cruel electro-torture pads came out to really get the bitch screaming.

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This is torture, real, brutal, and raw – just for you- of Blossom becoming A Bitch’s Bitch.