Amber – Indoor Pony Training Brat Princess 2

It’s just an ordinary day at the Brat Princess Sorority House. I’m wearing my favorite latex pants and red bottoms for pony practice. This loser arrived with so many BAD HABITS, so it needed to be broken in before being of any real use to us brats. One of the most effective training methods is just sitting on it’s shoulders with my FULL WEIGHT. I hold its reigns to guide it where I want to go, but like any stubborn pony you have to be rough before it TRULY obeys without any hesitation. Princess Ava watches for moral support and gives this loser the criticism it deserves.

I get impatient with this useless slave when my dinner plans with my amazing boyfriend get pushed back. It’s not always easy being a hot goddess. Sometimes you have to put in the extra hours to get the results you want from pathetic slaves. If I have to be here with this slave, then I am going to make it work HARDER than me! I make the pony trot and lift its legs up high while keeping perfect form. (while carrying me on its shoulders, of course) You can tell it struggles to obey all my commands and complains of its legs getting tired. (AS IF I CARE!!!) I decided to run this pony even harder!!!! It should know better than to complain, period!

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My legs are tired from squeezing its head and kicking its sides as hard as I can. I take a break by the window, still sitting on its shoulders. This pony has a long night ahead and I could care less about the pain it endures. I make sure to run it into the ground until it’s legs give out!