Amber, Ava and Nika – Trample and Whip Beatdown for Vulnerable Beta Brat Princess 2

After a practice sesh for VULNERABLE training its time for a beatdown. This is what he gets. He is fucking gross. Look, he is so fat. The girls knead him like dough by making him lay down so they can stomp on him! They all have beautiful stilettos on. OUCH, that will hurt! LOL He won’t stfu so Nika squats down on his mouth, so the girls aren’t disrupted by his stupid moans. After leaving marks on his fat stomach the girls make him apologize! He apologizes for not listening better and for being ugly and pathetic! And not taking enough pain!!!!! He is so scared. The girls start to whip him. The girls are bullying the fuck out of him. LOL Whip after whip the pain gets worse and the marks become redder!