Amber and Lexi – Students Manipulate Teacher into Foot Slave Brat Princess

Ezra is trying to teach the girls. Complicated stuff no one cares about. Lexi and Amber inch their way closer to Ezra. They slowly slip their shoes off then flaunt their feet in front of their teacher. They heard a rumor that he has a foot fetish. They confront him about it. It makes him so nervous because his secret is out and he now has Lexis legs in his lap.

The tension is high. * Student/Teacher fantasy*

You can tell their teacher has the hots for the girls. He knows it is inappropriate, but he can’t help it. They are so hot and their perfect feet are swaying in his face. He starts worshipping their feet, kissing them, licking them. The girls have found that they really love having their teacher on his knees. Major manipulation. Maybe a little black mail will also get them what they want!