Amber and Lexi – Department of Beta Control Yearly Safety Checkup Brat Princess

Its that time of year again. Time for the annual safety checkup of Slave Andy. Amber preps him and makes sure he knows exactly what to say. “I love Princess Amber.” “Princess Amber would never hurt me.” “She’s the best keyholder I’ve ever had.” He is made to believe that if he says the wrong things then they will take him away from Amber and will do unimaginable things to him! Lexi, head of Beta Control arrives and starts asking Andy questions. Amber stands behind Lexi and stares at Andy and gestures the right answers to him. Just to make sure he doesn’t fuck up. He is so intimidated. He is barely making sense so Lexi asks Amber to step out so they can have a one-on-one interview. During the interview Andy starts confessing and is crying out for help. He admits Amber is excessive in all her punishments and gives him an excessive workload. Lexi sees the marks on his body and is very concerned. She notices his extreme increase of weight gain. Its from being a human toilet for over 6 girls. ALL DAY LONG. Amber really uses the fuck out of him. This is concerning. At the department they like to make sure that slaves are being used but still in a humane way. Andy begs Lexi not to tell Amber. He is so scared of Amber and what she might do to him. Lexi calls Amber back in the room. Lexi goes over her findings. Amber lashes out at Andy. WHAT A FUCKING LUNATIC! How dare Andy confess and say these things. Amber clears the air and gives explanations to everything Andy said out of his dumb fucking mouth!!!!! Lexi comes to a conclusion. Andy is not safe with Amber. He must be removed. OR Andy can stay with Amber if Lexi gets a 2% cut of both of his paychecks. Poor Andy weeps. He knows how much trouble he is in. He thought he could trust Lexi and get help, but it backfired. He disobeyed Princess Amber and now he will have to reap the punishments. Amber doesn’t want to share 2% with Lexi but she agrees so that she can bring Andy back home. Andy recants his confessions. UGH Andy has gotten himself in big, big trouble.