Amai and Mabel – Completely Degrade A Loser Pig 4 videos in one

Princess Amai and Princess Mabel are so fucking bratty in this clip! This clip contains 4 full length clips and is 40 minutes long for just $14.99! The titles and descriptions are listed below.

1. Desecrating and Branding His Entire Body

Princess Mabel and I decided to completely humiliate my slave by branding him with a sharpie. How fucking degrading for him to be covered with every word that describes him for all to see. We started with his front and wrote, LOSER and PAY PIG across his chest. Then on to his back where we wrote PROPERTY OF AMAI AND MABEL. But we weren’t even close to done. I intended to cover every inch of his body. We drew a pig on him, wrote CASH COW and HUMAN ATM on his shoulders. Next I wrote OINK across his stomach and made him Oink for the camera for everyone to hear. He just stood there, being completely dehumanized for everyone to see. We made him pose and turn around so everyone could see what he’d become. Then I took a small mirror and held it in front of his face so he could see our artwork, and I made him read aloud every word on his body. The more we desecrated his body the harder his cock got. His body was completely covered with degrading words. I made him repeat all of the words over and over again like a mantra as I took the camera and closely filmed every inch of his body for all to see. I might make him get tattooed like this, lol.

2. Mind Numbing Pantyhose Domination

Look at my lucky little slave boy. He Loves pantyhose feet. And today he gets to worship both of our feet in sexy pantyhose. As soon as he starts to touch and lick our softy silky pantyhose his mind goes numb. He loses himself in our legs and feet. We rub our smooth feet all over his face as he sniffs and licks every inch of our pantyhose. He’s such a stupid little foot worshiping loser. He started getting so into it. He begged us for more and thanked us for our precious feet. Fucking moron. He’s been so mindfucked by me. As he continued to lose his mind in our pantyhose, we started to tell him about how he is going to take us shopping next week.

3. Bratty Princesses Gag Loser With Their Strap-ons

Isn’t’ he lucky to be on his knees in front of two gorgeous bratty princesses sucking off our strap-ons? We did not take it easy on him! I let him start out slowly but soon was ramming his head down on Princess Mabel’s strapon until he fucking gagged. Then before he could catch his breath, I had him gagging and bobbing on my strap-on, Back and forth between the two of us, we totally used his mouth and face! He was a drooling slobbering mess. We slapped our strap-ons across his face. Made him stick out his tongue as we slapped our strapons against his tongue. And he loved every second of it. He even stopped just long enough to thank us before we began gagging him again. He’s become such a strap-on sucking loser now. We also spit on him and our strapons and made him lick it off. Fucking loser! And of course we verbally destroyed him the whole time and we laughed in his face! In the end we took off our strap-ons and stuck them both in his mouth and left him there like that, lol.

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4. Pigtailed Brats Lollipop Spit

What could be hotter than two bratty princess in pigtails with pink lollipops, spitting and drooling all over this loser? Princess Mabel and I were looking so hot tonight, all done up in pigtails. My loser ex bf was drooling over us, so we decided to drool all over him, LOL! Fucking loser is lucky he even gets to look at us. But soon his eyes would be so filled with lollipop spit, he wouldn’t be able to open them! We stood over his head and started sucking our pretty pink lollipops, allowing our spit to run out of our mouths, across the lollipops and onto his stupid head! Isn’t he lucky? Strand after strand came drooling out of our lips, covering his head. And I mean covered! Spit was dripping off of his ears, his nose and his chin. He was literally drenched in our lollipop spit. We were relentless with our spit, one after the other, dripping spit all over him. As a reward from time to time, I allowed him to open his mouth and drink in some of our sweet spit which he promptly thanked us for as we laughed and giggled in his face! He looked like such an idiot. He’s becoming such a mindless fool. Then after he was completely covered and dripping, we took turn spitting in his face, just to further degrade him! Fucking loser! But he loved every minute of it!