ALSU and SARAH – Do you realize how miserable and pathetic you are? 20.01.2022 Licking Girls Feet

Alsu and Sarah decided to show the useless whore that if it weren’t for them, she would live in the garbage. Old monica forgot that she must serve her Mistresses for the rest of her life. "Know your place, bitch" – Alsu says. Mistresses spit in the face of an old whore and draw on it. The face of the slave quickly becomes wet from spitting and drool flows from it in a stream .. The girls decided to use the slave as a human ashtray. The pathetic ashtray obediently opened her mouth and waited for the girls to smoke.. The step-cousins shake the ashes into her mouth and laugh at her.. "Your mouth smells like a garbage can!" – Sarah said and made the old woman eat cigarette butts. The girls continued to spit in the face of the old woman and write insults on her face. Or maybe this idiot wants to drink a glass of saliva? Of course she wants to! Alsu and Sarah take a glass and start spitting in it.. Of course, monica drank everything to the last drop.. After that, the girls started taking photos for their twitter.. let everyone see this dirty bitch! Ugh, how nasty she is… monica’s face can only wash the floor, which the girls began to do.. To make monica better remember her place, the girls ordered her to write derogatory words about yourself.. because she’s just a slut for fun.