Alix Lynx – Stare At My Hot Young Ass While I Shop Online With Your Credit Card, Daddy Humiliation POV

Ewww I know what a perv you are step daddy. I know you perv on my hot young body, especially my ass. Don’t deny it. I know how sexy my ass is and how much you drool over it. You’re lucky I don’t tell my mom. And if you don’t want me to tell her, you’re going to have to buy me things to keep my quiet. I want your credit card. I’m going to shop online and I’m going to let you watch me shop with your credit card online while I’m bent over your desk so you can stare at my ass. I know that will keep you nice and stupid while I do my shopping. Just stare at it idiot. Stare and watch as I use you and your credit card daddy. I know just how to manipulate old pervs like you. You’re so gross. And you can touch yourself from over there in the corner, I won’t tell mom. 😉

Ewww how did my mom marry such a pervert. You’re so lucky I’m even letting you stare at my hot young ass, aren’t you? Nod your head. Good daddy. You have such a weak spot for your step daughter, don’t you? I’m really going to enjoy fucking you over. I hope you don’t have any money left for my mom by the time I’m done. I’m going to max out your card daddy and there’s nothing you can do about it. I mean you’re so stupid for my ass you can hardly think straight. And then there’s the fact that I’m blackmailing you as well, LOL! Oh stupid pervy step daddy, you’ve really gotten yourself into a bind, haven’t you? You’re just mesmerized by my hot young ass in these cute little yoga pants. My ass is going to ruin you daddy. So just sit there and watch me shop perv or I’m telling my mom! I’m going to buy some really inappropriate stuff to tease you even more. I’m using your money to help me take more of it, LOL! You fucking idiot. I’m doing you a favor here, I mean when else would you get to see a perky young ass like this up close? I’m so glad mom married you, LOL!