Alix Lynx – Bratty Giggly Tease & Denial I Love Laughing At You While I Deny You HumiliationPOV

Alix Lynx is so bratty and giggly in this clip as she teases and denies you over and over again!

Do you wanna jerk your cock for me? Of course you do LOL! You’re always jerking your cock and today you’re going to jerk it for me. When you see my hot porn star body you just can’t help yourself, your hand moves immediately to your cock and you start pumping to my flawless porn star curves. And you’re so lucky that I got all dolled up for you today in this sexy lingerie. But I only did it to manipulate you, to make you weak and helpless against my body. Or is it just me, my beautiful face, my bratty attitude and my cute, sweet little giggle? It’s probably a bit of both, combined with how easily I can tease and manipulate you. One look at me and you’re gone, lost in your endless jerking trance where you can’t think.

Well if you want to jerk your cock for me, you need to tell me how badly you want to play with your cock for me. How bad do you want to jerk your cock while I tease you with my perfect ass and bounce my huge tits up and down on your screen? The truth is, I don’t care why you want to jerk it for me, I just want you to jerk it and get dumb for me. So go on loser, pump that cock for me while you listen to my giggles and my bratty demeanor with your eyes glued to my body. Jerk it to my body, loser, get weaker and weaker for me. You’re so weak for me, you need to play with your cock for me. You just can’t help it, you can’t stop yourself LOL!

I know exactly how to make that cock pulsate in your hand as you jerk it and I know how to tease you mercilessly loser. Stroke that cock for me, I want you to make it throb in your hand. Keep pumping, I don’t want you to stop. But wait, I do want you to stop LOL! Stop touching it loser, hands off. LOL! Good boy. Watch it twitch and feel it throb, it’s begging to be touched, isn’t it? We’re going to play some tease and denial with your horny cock because I love making you desperate. I love bringing you to the edge and then making you stop over and over again. It makes you soooo stupid lol!

Each time I let you jerk it, I’m going to bring you closer and closer to the edge before I make you stop each time. And each time I make you stop I’m going to laugh and giggle as your cock twitches and pleads for you to touch it again. LOL! I love laughing at you while I deny you. And you love that don’t you? Yes, I know you do and you’re going to love every fucking second of my hot tease and denial instructions. I’m going to tease and deny you as much as I want because it’s what you want. It’s why you’re here jerking off to this video, isn’t it loser? LOL! Isn’t this fun? You get to hear me laugh at you as your cock bounces up and down every time I make you stop Lol!

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Stroke it again, I know you love jerking your cock for me. Feel it pulsating in your hand as you ogle my perfect body. LOL you’re such a lonely loser, jerking off to me at home all alone in front of your computer screen. Watching these sexy tease and denial videos is the only type of sexual interaction you will ever have LOL! Keep stroking, loser, as I laugh at how pathetic you are. Now stop, hands off loser! LOL! Feel it twitch loser. Being teased and denied by a hot brat on the internet is your sex life. Totally pathetic lol!

Now you may jerk it again to my porn star body. I’m going to make you jerk and stop over and over and over again lol. Just like this, hands off lol! I know how hard it is for you to resist the urge to stroke to me. It would be hard for anyone, I mean just look at me, look at my perfect body. Now pump it again for me loser. I know this is turning your brain to mush lol. Do you wanna cum? Hands off LOL! I know you want to stroke it again, I know you can’t resist. You wanna stroke it for me over and over again while I bounce up and down, don’t you? Yes, you do, you’re so pathetic. So go on, stroke it again. I know you wanna cum to bad but what fun would that be lol? But I think you like it more when I deny you. You can beg all you want but I don’t think I’m going to let you cum, I’m having far too much fun teasing and denying you LOL! Hands off loser. Now start this clip all over again LOL!